Hello, my name is Hilary and I am the owner and designer at Reverie Hill. I have been asked many times if the name 'Reverie Hill' has anything to do with my personal name: 'Hil'ary ~ Reverie 'Hill'. The answer is no, and I realize that perhaps the name Reverie Hill warrants some explanation:

  The name 'Reverie Hill' is a tribute to the hiking refuge I would go to in my hometown to be alone with my thoughts outside the distractions of everyday life. It was a place I could go to set goals and refocus on how I wanted to live. Making time to thoughtfully process life gives us the opportunity to proactively choose how we want to live it; a means of aligning our actions with our sense of priorities and ethics. I would go to my hiking refuge and hike for miles just to be alone with my thoughts. I would hike to the first waterfall and sit in silence looking out at all that was below. I would climb down and hike to the second waterfall where there were pools soo deep I could dive in headfirst without any chance of hitting the bottom. I would see oak trees, wildflowers and newts and in the solitude of nature I'd feel inspired about life with all its possibilities.

     During weeks when I couldn't make the trek up to the plateau, it was time to live out those quiet resolutions of what makes me tick, thrive and flourish and there was an excitement to feeling I was on a purposefully chosen path toward the future. Daydreaming is often referred to in a negative light, but here at Reverie Hill we encourage it. Giving ourselves space outside the chaos of life to imaginatively think about our futures and how we want to live is healthy and life giving. Getting lost in my own reverie lead me to ponder my clothing company and the industry in which it falls. The clothing industry isn't known for caring about people and that doesn't sit well with me. "How can I promote the flourishing of others with the manufacturing of my products?"..... Proactively pursuing such questions is why Reverie Hill collaborates with fair labor clothing manufacturers in Cambodia with other products made right here in California all in support of living wages and better standards of employment.      


      The eclectic tastes I've acquired through the years combined with my love of clothing and passion for creating things has lead me to found Reverie Hill. Reverie Hill is for all those who seek to embrace life to its fullest, wearing clothing that reflects both their creativity and their conscience. It is for all these reasons that a healthy dose of daydreaming will always be supported here at Reverie Hill and we hope you always feel free to do so.

She's a creative thrill seeker with daydreaming tendencies who believes in living life to its fullest. She is often amused by people watching while living her self-curated life and has a deep appreciation for nature and the arts alike. She collects momentos throughout her adventures and keeps journals on and off to look back on with a smile. She enjoys drinking tea amidst her thoughts on 'the charms of yesteryear', which explains why she loves old movies with all their detailed costumes....and this brings us to her closet....because she LOVES clothes.

If you've ever been accused of having your head in the clouds, join the sisterhood of Reverie Hill where we always recommend a healthy dose of daydreaming. Those who see life in a different hue are inspirations to the world around them and have traits that should be encouraged for making the world a better place! We hope you appreciate our selections and that you always know you have a place here at Reverie Hill.