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The Huckleberry Basket purse is nothing if not proper, yet it still maintains that flare of adventurous intrigue. You can dress it up for sophisticated garden parties but it's just as at home on the bank of a river with rope swings. With its neutral straw coloration you will find that the Huckleberry Basket Purse goes with most every daytime attire and you will get many compliments at that. Standing about 10" tall and 14" wide with a length of 4.5" this purse will hold almost everything you could ever need for a day on the town. The purse fastens by means of a swivel clasp at center front framed by faux leather design lines that trail up into the straps as well as around the purse held on by large silver tone studs. Step out with your Britfield Basket Purse and you'll never know what your day may hold.

Wholesale ~ Huckleberry Basket Purse

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