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Nothing To Wear - 1857 Reading

Welcome to Reverie Hill where today we are looking at an excerpt from a humorous poem originally published in 1857 called "Nothing To Wear - An Episode Of City Life". This text light heartedly discusses the notion of women's insatiable desire for new clothes. As we live in a day of fast fashion this desire for new clothes brings with it the question of ethics. Whenever we buy things, we are supporting manufacturing jobs, but what kind of jobs are we supporting? Are the workers treated well and paid fairly? Here at Reverie Hill we are proud to assure you that your conscience is safe with us as a purchase of our merchandise supports fair labor jobs. We do not believe it is wrong to want new things when such supports the livelihood of others so long as those others are paid and treated well. We hope you enjoy this reading and our selection of fair labor merchandise that can be found on our website at: ! This poem appears on the 56th page of the book called: 'The Wonderful World Of Ladies Fashion'. It was printed by 'Digest Books Inc.' in Northfield Illinois within their reprint catalog collection edited by Joseph J. Schroeder Jr. and associate editor Barbara C. Cohen.

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