Here at Reverie Hill we often get lost in our Reverie and today we are daydreaming of what happened this week in history back in 1923. So sit back and learn a bit about the impact the greatest archeological find of all time had on the culture of its day!

Though I did not mention their full history in the video, please read more on the Neiger brothers in the link below; as much like so many artists and wonderful people of their generation, they met a tragic demise at the hand of unimaginable cruelty. May we remember their legacy.

Below Is A List Of Link References:

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( This source lists the archeological discovery as 1922 but that was only when the steps were found. The first room was entered in 1923 a few months later.)

Publication: "Tutankhamun": The Metropolitan Museum of Art Bulletin, v. 34, no. 3 (Winter, 1976–1977) Author: Edwards, I. E. S. (1976–1977) Artist: Burton, Harry (English, 1879–1940)


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